Mother Goddess of the Earth

Mothers Day 2017 was a bonanza and we were so excited to be able to create a wonderful experience for all the families that came to celebrate the special women in their life. 

Our pop up photo booth was a hit, we borrowed beautiful pieces from Dinosaur Designs a crown and lashes from their Sand collection. Aisle of Eden made a beautiful floral epaulette and our very own events crew made an oyster shell garland and a backdrop representing earth and ocean, kind of like all the things we think inspire Dinosaur Designs, this tied in nicely to the final day of their exhibition the Art of Dinosaur Designs. 

The talent duo from You or No One entertained our guests and we set up food station in the gardens, Seafood Paelle, Oysters & Champagne Bath, Suckling Pig Sliders and Beers. Perfect for families that brought a picnic rug and the kids could run around and play.  

We had a great day and mums were able to take home a family photo or a cheeky selfie. 

Happy Mothers Day 2017.